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Favorite Apps
# December 8, 2016
A list of some of my favorite phone apps...
Daily Habits
# December 7, 2016
A list of habits I attempt to do each and every day...
# December 5, 2016
Everyone seems to have advice about money, relationships, about what you should do with your life. But what do they know about what is best for you, what you should be doing with your life?...
Book Review: The Obstacle Is The Way
# December 4, 2016
Consider this midset - never in a hurry , never worried, never desperate, never stopping short...
Project Create - The beginnings of creating something every day
# December 3, 2016
The whole idea behind Project Create came up pretty late on November 30th when I decided to start it at about 9:45 PM. I walked through some ideas and finally settled on a six-sided die game...